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Uniting Garden Homes, Inc. imagines a future where employment, housing, education, and health are intertwined, forming the foundational pillars of a flourishing community. Our corporate vision integrates these essential resources, aiming to positively influence the lives we interact with and establish a legacy marked by sustainability and expansion. This vision is brought to life by our dedicated team of professionals, who are resolute in transforming this vision into a tangible reality.


Executive Board Members

  • Leo Peavey - President

  • LaMarr Lave - Vice President

  • Janet Butler - Secretary

  • Illiya Blakley - Treasurer


General Board Members

  • Felicia Ferguson

  • Keith Martin

  • Rodney Cambell

  • Tim Satran

Critical Respose

  • Stephen Hopkins - Program Director

  • Felicia Ferguson

  • Shon

  • Jay

  • Todd Jones

  • Jose Malave

  • Marquis

Emeritus Member

Mama Freeman 

Executive Staff

  • Desilynn G. Smith - Executive Director

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